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Consumer & spatial analytics

GIS, maps and databases

Data Quality

Cross-channel Marketing

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Brand Profiling

Geo Strategies maintains comprehensive and up-to-date databases of information that can be linked to customer data to derive marketing insight. مسيرة كريستيانو رونالدو

Data driven brand marketing

Brand Profiling

Geo Strategies maintains significant databases of brand information. These include –

Modern retail





Automotive (Vehicles and fuel)

Household goods



Shopping habits (Attitudes)

The combination of e.g. POS data or exit polls, when put together with the various retail databases including demographic data (Mosaic) and Lifestyle information, provide invaluable insight into who is actually spending money in a particular area and, more especially, where and on what else they are likely to shop. This is equally true for a bank, a supermarket, a telecom provider, an automotive dealer or for an insurance company. افضل انواع كرة القدم Indeed, it also applies to private medicine, private universities and schools. موقع الباي بال

The overall aim of any organisation is to increase their ‘share of wallet’ (Cosul de cumparaturi) so the more they understand about their customers – where else they shop, their attitudes and their wealth – then the better they will be prepared to tailor both their message and any offers.

Birds of a feather shop together” (“Cine se aseamǎnǎ se adunǎ”): this is abundantly clear in any shopping mall, on any day of the week. The external data is available for correlation with your internal data to make sure they shop with you!

Marketing Databases

Geo Strategies has a variety of databases for Romania selected and maintained for data-driven analysis, network optimisation and marketing projects.

Most relevant data content, ready for action

Marketing Databases

The key to value-added analysis, segmentation and profiling is to combine internal and external data.

Internal data typically includes an address, spend (or transactions and savings in the case of a bank) and spend frequency. Ideally, there will be more but this is a good start.

In addition, there may be relevant market research data but this is ephemeral i.e. it tends to be a snapshot in time and, with the rapidly changing nature of consumer habits, this tends to become out-of-date very quickly.

External data from Geo Strategies (83 categories) includes the following:


Population counts at various levels of geography and population projections

Culture (Ethnicity, Religion & Social Grade)

Property, including new residential


Financial including purchasing power

Wealth indicators


Modern Retail including bank locations

Car sales


Mosaic Romania

Mosaic Global

Natural Risks

The data concerned is a combination of point data (e.g. the location of shopping centres, supermarkets, banks, etc.) and area data (e.g. population counts, property type and car sales).

Area data is available at various levels (locality or postcode) depending on the granularity available but can also be supplied as grid data. See the Data and Services Catalogue for more detail.


Geo Strategies specialises in geo-demographics for Romania based on comprehensive geographic databases, data modelling and interpretation. ivermectin aus frankreich bestellen

Knowing where customers live, shop and play


Geo-demographics are sometimes referred to as neighbourhood classifications. They provide a summary of a broad range of characteristics about those people who live within these neighbourhoods. cattle ivermectin dosage for dogs mange These classifications are attached to individuals by their home address, and more prevalently by just the postcode.

In Romania a postcode defines approximately –

70 households in Bucharest

150 households in other urban areas

350 households in rural areas

Geo-demographic classifications are used for a range of applications in both the commercial and public sectors. Generally these applications aim to identify those groups of people within a target population most likely to exhibit particular behaviours. soolantra ivermectin rosacea These behaviours could include:

Commercial – People who live in an area where there is –

  •  A high probability of buying a particular type of newspaper
  •  A high application rate for consolidation of loans
  •  A high consumption of fashion goods

Public Sector – People who live in an area where there is –

  •  Low educational achievement
  •  High risk of developing diabetes
  •  High levels of petty crime

In the image above, the classifications relate to – Education, Age, Ethnicity and Employment. See also our Data and Services Catalogue.

GIS Consultancy

Geo Strategies supports customers with their specialist GIS needs. These range from modest requirements for site evaluation to network planning and substantial investigations as part of the due diligence process.

Driven by customer needs and focused on delivering business results

GIS Consultancy

Geo Strategies provides a wide range of consultancy and local support in GIS systems, data analysis and management, retail planning and optimisation, consumer insight and location-based decision-making.

Together with Experian, we provide a further range of consultancy (national and cross-border) in economics, real estate, market research, and the public sector.

GIS Analysis & Systems

Geo Strategies offers consultancy and support to customers, from scoping requirements and specifications, to delivering fully fledged systems for use on desktop PCs or networked, web-enabled infrastructures. All delivered together with maintenance, support and training in the local language, together with applications consultancy.

Data Management

Geo Strategies works closely with customers to refine their data management strategies. Identifying spatial and behavioural correlations can help identify quick wins. Once these are communicated internally, they often result in major improvements in business performance.

Data Mining & Analysis

Large datasets are all-too-often repositories of valuable information hidden within their midst. Data mining, especially when combined with a behavioural element, can unlock valuable insight and support for personalised communication.

Retail Planning

Geo Strategies provides catchment analysis and modelling in support of many retailers in Romania for planning their networks, forecasting sales and managing their relationships with existing customers and also to target new ones.

Using our extensive specialist data and local expertise, we develop models of trading areas, expenditure patterns and market size based on a detailed knowledge of the market structure in the catchment area of current or prospective outlets.

Geo Strategies also works with customers to interpret footfall figures; these are an important Key Performance Indicator which also combined with other KPIs, such as sales data, to provide management information capable of helping to drive improved productivity from both shoppers and staff.

KPIs are used as a basis for planning, running and organising stores, also to understand strategic or tactical market opportunities, and to optimise the number of customers who visit the stores.

Value-added Mapping

Geo Strategies maintains a variety of administrative boundaries – including 6-digit postcodes – and the associated databases for Romania with points of interest, bank locations and much more.

Mission-critical, unique content for advanced applications

Value Added Mapping

Geo Strategies also develops and maintains a variety of more specialist datasets for business and similar applications. The uses range from advanced logistical planning and management, utilities management, regional TV planning, security, banking and retail.

The datasets are more fully described in our Data and Services Catalogue and include:

  • POIs and business locations  (14 classes and 72 categories in the latest release)
  • Population density
  • Population projections
  • New residential
  • Purchasing power
  • Vehicle statistics
  • Postcode boundaries (4 & 6-digit)
  • Election boundaries
  • Terrain and natural risk
  • And many more

In addition to the list above, Geo Strategies maintains a variety of databases which can be geocoded so that they are suitable for spatial (GIS) analysis.

Standard Mapping

Geo Strategies maintains the most detailed topographic, hydrographic and road maps for Romania as well as administrative boundaries and linked databases of commercial information.

Vital content for business applications

Standard Mapping

Geo Strategies divides its mapping for Romania into two categories: Standard Mapping and Value Added Mapping.

The latest release of standard mapping includes –

Integrated national road and street network

  • Highways
  • Major and minor roads
  • Street plans for over 13,000 localities


Waterways and lakes

Administrative boundaries

  • National
  • Regions
  • Counties + Bucharest  (42)
  • Communes (3,180)

Localities & Settlements

  • Towns & cities  (325)
  • Communes  (2860)
  • Villages  (10,569)

The projection is Lat/Long WGS-84 and the data can be delivered in virtually any format.

Data for Romania

Geo Strategies maintains a range of databases and mapping for Romania including topographic maps, a terrain model, road network, administrative boundaries and much more. مكان اليورو 2023

Rich, granular and fit for both standard and bespoke applications

Data for Romania

Geo Strategies has unrivalled map coverage for Romania ranging from topographic mapping at a variety of scales through to a highly accurate terrain model for hydrological modelling and telecommunications planning.

Our maps have been used for a wide variety of applications including below-ground radar for archaeological excavations, a flight simulator, maps for weather forecasting, for retail network planning, for health monitoring and for border control. مواقع تقبل الدفع paypal

The topographic datasets are organised and structured according to ISO TC-204-N-34 which ensures that they can be used with all advanced technology platforms. العاب تربح اموال حقيقية

Mapping & GIS

Geo Strategies provides mapping and GIS services – predominantly to customers with an interest in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Extensive and accurate

Mapping & GIS

Geo Strategies is a leading supplier of data capture, map data, GIS software and related services for the GIS market. In particular, Romania is very central to our developments.

We have created a variety of small and medium scale mapping for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and for the Middle East which includes topographic maps at various scales, land cover maps, clutter maps (for the telecoms industry), hydrology and a number of specialist maps.

While we do supply map data for countries throughout the world, our focus is on Eastern Europe – especially Romania for which we have a wide variety of general and specialised mapping together with the associated databases. These are more fully described in our Data and Services Catalogue.

Marketing Services

Geo Strategies carries out both strategic and tactical marketing projects in Romania based on the comprehensive suite of data maintained.

Target and engage your customers with marketing data and analysis

Geo Strategies works with organisations across industries and government to help inform decisions based on location and demographics.

Marketing Services

The company maintains extensive information products for Central & Eastern Europe which enable the user to analyse, profile and map the social and economic characteristics of areas – typically down to postcode level.

Market planning and consumer insight are under-pinned by a world-leading consumer segmentation and predictive modelling systems.

Geo Strategies has a long-term association with, and experience of Romania where they have spearheaded innovation in geo-spatial applications since 1993. The portfolio of product and services, together with global partnerships underpins services to organisations in nearly 30 countries world-wide.

Please download our Data and Services Catalogue for further information. Also see publications, papers and press comments, listed under the Resources tab.

A helpful video, The Four Step Guide to Consumer Insight can be found in the Resources section under Videos.