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Our Customers

Geo Strategies supplies data and analytical services to a substantial list of blue-chip companies and organisations around the world

Exceeding expectations is driving our most valued customer partnerships

Romanian Customers

    Academy of Economic Studies.
    University of Bucharest
    Institute of Earth Physics


    Porsche Romania

    EFG EuroBank
    UniCredit Tiriac

Cable companies

Central & Local Government
    Administratia Nationala APELE ROMANE (ANAR)
    Institutul National Delta Dunari
    Institutul National de Hidrologie si Gospodarire
    a Apelor (INHGA)
    National Office for Cadastre

Geodesy and Cartography
    Ministry of Defence
    National Agency of Meteorology
    Bucharest City Hall
    National Commission of Statistics
    National Liberal Party


    Eminescu Trust

    Louis Berger
    Danubian Energy Consulting

Direct Marketing
    Media Post Hit Mail
    Open Public Services

    Rosia Montana SA
    Rosia Montana Gold Corporation
    Explorer Baia Mare
    Prospectiuni SA
    Zeckler Resources

International donors
    World Bank

    BCR Asigurari de Viata (VIG)
    Interamerican (EUREKO)

IT Distributors
    Comrace Computer

IT Developers, ISPs, Asps, logistics

Market Research

Media & advertising
    Media Pro International
    Leo Burnett

    AD Pharma


    Business Media Group
    Golden Pages

Real Estate & Development
    ING Real Estate
    King Sturge

Retail, FMCG & Distribution Companies
    AVON Cosmetics
    British American Tobacco (BAT)
    Coca Cola
    JTI Romania International
    Philip Morris
    Transilvania General Import Export
    Pepsi (Quadrant)

    Alcatel Lucent Romania
    Net City
    Net Grid

    RATB Bucharest

Utilities (Energy)
    GDF Suez

International Customers

    Cambridge University, UK

    MB Research , Germany
    Geoscape, Netherlands

Engineering industry
    British Aerospace UK
    Lockheed Martin, USA
    Honeywell, USA

Mapping and GIS
    Infoterra, UK
    MapInfo, US & UK
    Ordnance Survey, UK
    TeleAtlas, Belgium
    MapMechanics, UK

International Donors
    EC-JRC. Italy

Professional services
    Experian, UK
    geoXpand, FR
    PayPoint, UK
    UPS, US

Real Estate & Development
    Futureal, HU

Telecom technology & operators
    France Telecom Mobile, France
    Hutchison 3G, UK
    Motorola, USA
    Nortel, UK
    Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy
    Telefonica, Spain
    Telesystem International Wireless Services (TIWS), Canada
    BT, UK

Telecom services
    ATDI, France

Tourist & Publishing
    National Geographics, US

Transport & Telematics
    Opsi Systems, South Africa
    Routing International, BE
    Vision Technology, Saudi Arabia


A Selection of our Customers

Romanian Customers


International Customers

Single Customer View

Geo Strategies assists clients to achieve a single customer view (SCV) from multiple datasets. لعبة تربح فلوس

Actionable insight provides competitive advantage

A single customer view (SCV) is a readily accessible summary of customer relationships across different products, brands, channels or businesses, driven by a unique identifier which enable consistent linkages across Big Data.

An SCV has considerable benefits:SCV-1

  • It improves knowledge of customer behaviour over time to optimise acquisition, cross-sell and retention strategies
  • It helps align marketing spend with customer value
  • Targets advertising spend with customer profiles

A single customer view results in –

  • Efficiencies through reduced wastage for duplicate contracts
  • Improved customer service experience as they are recognised as individuals
  • Increased engagement with web and e-mails through personalisation of content
  • Greater automation of decisions based on trigger events


According to Jack Welch – the former CEO of GE:

“There are only two sources of competitive advantage: the ability to learn more about customers faster than the competition, and the ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition”.

Big Data & Insights

Geo Strategies specialises in the organisation and structuring of Big Data to help companies understand their customers.

Understanding your customer


There iBig Datas a huge difference between Big Data and the Right Data.

Thanks to modern technology organisations have access to huge quantities of data about their customers.

However, this is useless unless it is combined and filtered. What everybody requires is relevant, timely and actionable information about prospects and customers.

There are four basic sources of data:


Sales data, basket analysis, product purchases, usage, payment behaviours


Lifestyle, life stage, age, gender, household income


Attitudes, sentiments, peer reviews, needs, brand perceptions


Search, sites used, e-mail clicks, content viewed

In particular, behavioural data is beginning to swamp organisations with the ever-increasing use of social media.

The holy grail for all organisations is the Single Customer View (SCV). This is possible within e.g. a bank or insurance company where customers may have multiple accounts but, more typically, it is only possible to combine external data with internal data at a household or address level.

Geo Strategies can assist in six areas:

  1. With demographic data based on Mosaic for Romania. This anonymised data covers every single household in Romania.
  2. With psychographic data based on Lifestyle data which includes information on shopping preferences, attitudes and similar.
  3. By cleansing and de-duplicating contact data as the first step towards a SCV
  4. By standardising and  geocoding addresses so that they can be located on a map
  5. With data collected as a result of using the Experian Cross Channel Marketing Platform (EECMP).
  6. By combining and filtering data using BI tools.

In all cases, these services can be provided as products or carried out in-house.

See also –

Big Data for Dummies


Brand Profiling

Geo Strategies maintains comprehensive and up-to-date databases of information that can be linked to customer data to derive marketing insight. مسيرة كريستيانو رونالدو

Data driven brand marketing

Brand Profiling

Geo Strategies maintains significant databases of brand information. These include –

Modern retail





Automotive (Vehicles and fuel)

Household goods



Shopping habits (Attitudes)

The combination of e.g. POS data or exit polls, when put together with the various retail databases including demographic data (Mosaic) and Lifestyle information, provide invaluable insight into who is actually spending money in a particular area and, more especially, where and on what else they are likely to shop. This is equally true for a bank, a supermarket, a telecom provider, an automotive dealer or for an insurance company. افضل انواع كرة القدم Indeed, it also applies to private medicine, private universities and schools. موقع الباي بال

The overall aim of any organisation is to increase their ‘share of wallet’ (Cosul de cumparaturi) so the more they understand about their customers – where else they shop, their attitudes and their wealth – then the better they will be prepared to tailor both their message and any offers.

Birds of a feather shop together” (“Cine se aseamǎnǎ se adunǎ”): this is abundantly clear in any shopping mall, on any day of the week. The external data is available for correlation with your internal data to make sure they shop with you!

Lifestyle Data

Geo Strategies’ Lifestyle database links customer data for Romania to the wider audience of the entire population as the basis for targeted marketing. ملاكمه

Know which prospects are likely to become customers

Lifestyle Data

Without exception, all business and consumer analysis depends on the quality of the data. And, in some respects, the more data you have the better as, sometimes, it is helpful to correlate disparate datasets to help understand the underlying meaning of peoples’ behaviour – whether it be their interest in foreign holidays, their propensity to regularly change their telecom provider, or even to help understand regional and demographic propensities for diabetes.

To assist with this, Geo Strategies maintains a variety of databases including a Lifestyle database. العاب قمار كازينو This contains information on the Romanian population divided into –

14     Main categories

100   Sub categories

815   Individual data items

The image above illustrates just one sub-category on Reading Preferences for Freelancers (Identified from the Employment category in Mosaic Group C or ‘Regional Prosperity’). Similar statistics are available for all data items including e. سعر اشتراك اليورو ٢٠٢١ g. the percentage of e.g. Freelancers that –

    • Shop at Baumax
    • Drink Tuborg beer
    • Drive a Fiat
    • Insure it with Omniasig
    • Have a Vodafone account
    • Now use a private doctor

The huge advantage of this information is that it is linked to location via segmentation. So, by identifying the postcodes (see Geocoding) it is immediately possible to obtain a comprehensive view of customers without problems of data privacy.

Overall, using the Lifestyle database in conjunction with your own data, you can –

    • Gain greater customer understanding
    • Improve campaign effectiveness
    • Maximise campaign ROI


Micromarketer Romania is a custom GIS with fully integrated data for Romania. بيتك اون لاين It has a comprehensive reporting capability for granular market evaluation. مكان اليورو 2023

Integrated software and business data for Romania


MicromarketerG3-RO is an integrated geographical analysis tool that provides customer profiling, catchment definition, sales territory analysis, data modelling, mapping and visualisation in an easy-to-use software application.

Download the Micromarketer Brochure to understand how you can profile your customers, to evaluate existing sales versus market potential, to make better informed location decisions, to assess the potential of local advertising areas and to target communications more effectively.

It is equally valuable for public sector use where there is a need to better target scarce resources, as for commercial use in the financial sector, property, retail, media and anywhere that there is a need for informed decision-making as opposed to ‘best guess’. قوانين لعبة الشيش

Area Analysis & Insight

Geo Strategies carries out projects – in Romania and CEE – for site evaluation, market penetration modelling and similar data-driven analysis.

Identify and quantify local potential for smarter planning

Area Anlaysis & Insight

Successful modern marketing demands a rich understanding of customers — and understanding customers is as much about location as it is about people.

By analysing and modelling geographic data, we can open up a wealth of location insight leading to cross-channel marketing opportunities. This allows you to understand target locations, improve network planning and focus investment on those places that deliver maximum ROI. As well as zeroing in on local opportunities, Geo Strategies’ insight into numerous locations throughout Romania means that we can assist you –

  • Design or upgrade your retail network
  • Identify optimum locations for your new shopping mall or retail store
  • Predict footfall even before a new development is approved
  • Understand why certain locations may not be performing adequately

But area analysis can also provide significant insight for the public sector. It helps understand why certain areas –

  • Suffer from a high mortality rate
  • Tend to suffer from higher-than-average levels of crime
  • Are in significant need of improvements to their infrastructure

The important factor throughout such studies is that the results are based on fact – they are entirely data-driven. This avoids qualitative and emotional decisions that are sometimes at variance with reality.

Even more importantly, data-driven insights provide a sound basis for predictive modelling – you can often forecast future trends with confidence.

See also the following case studies;




Geo Strategies undertakes demographic, attitudinal, behavioural, health and wealth segmentations of the Romanian population and elsewhere in CEE.

Discriminate customers to target them in a more relevant manner


Consumer classifications or segmentations provide a simple method of accessing the wealth of demographic, lifestyle and behavioural information by classifying consumers into a single, homogeneous code.

Useful segmentations strike a balance between those having a large number of categories and those with only a few categories. Too many result in “noise” i.e. data which fluctuates wildly; too few means that the stereotypes are too “averaged” and become meaningless.

There are two basic approaches to a segmentation – a priori and post-hoc.

A priori segmentations start from an assumption of meaningful categories (gender, age, ethnicity, life-stage, education, employment – or some combination) and then attach attributes to these categories from an analysis of the available data.

Post-hoc segmentations do exactly the opposite: they start with the data and use various data-mining techniques to establish the categories. Once this has been achieved, the categories (and data) are examined in depth to understand the underlying meaning – what is it about those categories that make them significantly different?

At Geo Strategies we specialise in post-hoc segmentations as we believe that these provide true insight into the market or group of people &/or behaviours of concern.

Every organisation has a number of customer-based problems to address. Whether the concern is for customer acquisition, customer retention, up-sell, cross-sell, churn or risk, a well thought-through approach to segmentation will yield benefits far beyond the investment involved.

The list below itemises some approaches:

Socio and geo-demographic segmentation

Where people live, their age, culture, household composition, behaviour, employment, finances and lifestyle extrapolations.

Value segmentation

Current value, potential value, lifetime value, value deciles, contribution.

Behavioural segmentation

Transactional data collected on how customers use products and services, including credit risk.

Attitudinal & needs

Core values, needs and reasons customers use products and services, usually identified through market research.

Preference segmentation

The channels, privacy and relationship people prefer.

Customer state segmentation

Time-based segments, showing a customer’s position in an event, process or relationship cycle.

Ephemeral segmentation

Segments in real-time to take advantage of fleeting opportunities.

 Segmentations and market research

Many companies rush into segmentation by starting with market research. Customers and prospective customers are asked what they want, need and do, and the research project then builds segmentation models.

In our approach market research still has a key role to play; just a different one and at a later stage in the process. Use the initial analysis to define the customer segments to be researched and the  reasons why. Then create a brief for market research and carry out the research based on the data-driven segments, ensuring at each stage that the outputs will be actionable.


Geo Strategies specialises in geo-demographics for Romania based on comprehensive geographic databases, data modelling and interpretation. ivermectin aus frankreich bestellen

Knowing where customers live, shop and play


Geo-demographics are sometimes referred to as neighbourhood classifications. They provide a summary of a broad range of characteristics about those people who live within these neighbourhoods. cattle ivermectin dosage for dogs mange These classifications are attached to individuals by their home address, and more prevalently by just the postcode.

In Romania a postcode defines approximately –

70 households in Bucharest

150 households in other urban areas

350 households in rural areas

Geo-demographic classifications are used for a range of applications in both the commercial and public sectors. Generally these applications aim to identify those groups of people within a target population most likely to exhibit particular behaviours. soolantra ivermectin rosacea These behaviours could include:

Commercial – People who live in an area where there is –

  •  A high probability of buying a particular type of newspaper
  •  A high application rate for consolidation of loans
  •  A high consumption of fashion goods

Public Sector – People who live in an area where there is –

  •  Low educational achievement
  •  High risk of developing diabetes
  •  High levels of petty crime

In the image above, the classifications relate to – Education, Age, Ethnicity and Employment. See also our Data and Services Catalogue.